Your Mid-Career Job Seekers Checklist

Read more to figure out how I can help you start finding that job you'll love. 

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If you are considering making a job switch or career transition, chances are, your thoughts are all over the place. And that's normal. 


Making a career change doesn't need to be difficult. 


The first step to finding that new job is to get organized and My Mid-Career Job Seekers Checklist can help you. 

Reasons You Need This Checklist

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Get Organized

Let me help you gather your thoughts on all of the things you need to do to find that new job. 

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Use the checklist to determine what needs your attention and start building a plan to get those things done!

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Start checking things off of this list. You'll take steps to finding a job you'll love and move your career forward.

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About the Author

Hi! I'm John Neral. I help mid-career professionals who feel stuck, undervalued, and underutilized SHOW UP to find a job they love or love the job they have. As an executive and career transition coach, I help people figure out whatever is next for them and their careers.

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